Tangier Island, Part II

In this post I am sharing some of the other photo's that I captured during my Blue Ridge Photography workshop trip to Tangier Island back in early September. During workshops like this one I tend to shoot on average around 2-3k photo's and this trip was no exception. This little island has plenty of great photo opportunities and you find yourself seeing something to shoot around every corner. 

Our workshop group started everyday just before sunrise and went to sundown. Breaks were few and far between, but to be honest no one was complaining, everyone was pretty content with continuing to capture pictures. 

Some of our time was spent on the western side of the island in the boat yard area. This spot was really cool in the fact that there were several boats out of the water up on blocks, either being worked on, or waiting to be striped for parts. This location also proved a nice spot for experimenting with macro techniques. 

It's worth mentioning that the Blue Ridge folks are always pushing the group to look for pictures within pictures and what you might see as your initial capture may end up being something completely different. Adjusting either your focal length or your position within your composition can present many different types of photo opportunities and with these types of locations, it makes sense to explore as much as you can to get the perfect shot.

As you will see by some of the photos, there is a good mix of architecture, landscape and urban environments to give you something interesting to look at. Crabbing is the islands main stay and there is plenty of docks and boats filled with crab baskets. Oh, by the way, if your hungry while visiting the island don't forget to try a crab cake, this is the islands specialty and you won't be disappointed.

 As I said in my previous Tangier Island post, this island is worth visiting, especially if your into photography. It has a little bit of everything, a unique history, sense of heritage and the people who live there are very nice. Picture opportunities galore and I can attest that if you are visiting in early Sept. you may end up with some amazing weather as we did.

Now for the pics! 


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If your interested in getting involved with a great photo workshop group, check out the Blue Ridge Photo Workshop group based in Northern Virginia. They are always posting great multi-day trips to single day workshops.