Blackwater Falls

You could say that photographers are drawn to locations that might offer the best reward for catching the right shot "THE BIG ONE", the one that stands out. I equate this to being similar to fishing. The goal for some with fishing, is to catch the "BIG ONE", to make the dedication, patience and techniques you have learned pay off. 

For me personally, what I enjoy most about photography is getting out and capturing the world we live in, the beauty of what is all around us. I would say I often find myself thinking about catching "THE BIG ONE" the one shot that tops all my others. However as we hone our skills I tend to think that we also become ever so critical of our own work and the pursuit continues. 

In my travels as of lately I can attest to seeing many more photographers out there searching for the right light, the right location, the right moment in time that will give them "THE BIG ONE", that one shot that stands above others. 

This shot below sums this up best for me. The ridge was overflowing with photographers all waiting for the sunset to offer them up that right moment. Everyone claiming a little piece of space to get that point of view that gives them something different. Since the sunset didn't quite cooperate I felt like the better picture was the one that clearly demonstrated this "patience", this "dedication" to going places where you might just catch "THE BIG ONE".

Photographers waiting for the "Big One". The wait for sunset, everyone patiently looking onward into the valley to see what the light has in store.

This was another great workshop, and the weather couldn't of been better. We were able to capture a diverse set of landscapes and fall colors during our 3 days spent in Blackwater Falls State Park. I can't wait to go back, there is plenty to see and so many areas to explore. The gallery below contains the images that stood out most to me that offer a glimpse into what the terrain has to offer. 

Thanks for reading... and enjoy the journey that is photography, more importantly enjoy the journey that is life.