Fuji X100s Kit

I figured I would start creating some posts that dive into my gear. I decided some time ago to move away from the larger DSLR style cameras and move towards mirrorless systems. This started when I first acquired an Olympus PEN E-PL1 camera and fell in love with the high quality and small package. This appreciation continued to grow when I acquired the great Fuji X100.

As soon as the Fuji X100s was announced, I knew right away that if Fuji had improved on what was already a winning combination, I was going to want one. I knew the new camera would have improved focusing speed and all around refinement needed to make it exceptional. 

I use the X100s as my go to all-around camera and tend to take it everywhere. With its awesome leaf shutter and built in ND filter, this little camera can shoot with shallow depth-of-field using a flash in broad daylight.

My kit consists of:

  • Fuji X100s camera
  • Lens Mate LM-X100s Thumb Rest
  • Really Right Stuff X100/s camera plate
  • SpiderHolster Black Widow camera holster
  • SpiderHolster Spider Pin
  • Fujifilm EF-X20 TTL Auto Flash
  • Viltrox SC-29 TTL Flash Cord
  • Two additional NP-95 batteries
  • Peak Design adjustable strap
  • Red soft release shutter button

The thing that keeps me coming back to the little Fuji is having its controls accessible directly on the camera versus being buried within the menu system. Shutter speed, exposure compensation and aperture all controlled externally on the camera itself. This makes it real easy to know exactly what setting you are using. Having a single focal length (35mm equivalent) lens means you don't have to think about that piece of the equation, you just have to move around to get the right composition. This really does free you up to think more about the actual composition and at least for me has made me a better photographer.

I know there have been tons of stuff already said about this great little camera so I won't bore you with more details, other than to say you really have to go out and shoot with it, and then you will quickly realize how great it is. 

By the way, if you're interested I have created a Tumblr site dedicated to Fuji X100, S, T, future cameras. Check it out here fujix23.tumblr.com.