Tangier Island During Sunrise & Sunset

Who knew there was an island in the middle of the Chesapeake bay that had over 500 inhabitants, I certainly didn't and I have lived in Virginia most of my life. 

It is definitely an interesting place and worth a visit. The island is known for its original South West England settlers that speak a unique English Restoration-era dialect. During the war of 1812, the British used the island as a staging area and contained some 1,200 British troops on the island at one time. 

It is made up of many small islands divided by marshes and small tidal streams. The islands are connected with various wooden and steel bridges. The main island has three ridges, Main Ridge, Canton, and West Ridge. North of Tangier is an island that was abandoned after the stream between the two islands called Oyster Creek, became too wide to build a bridge over. This area is now homes to some of the inhabitants duck hunting lodges and crab shacks. 

The island continues to loose folks who are searching for brighter futures, and land due to rising waters. Hurricane Sandy last year did a number on the island and caused several folks to have to abandon their homes.

Getting around the island isn't that difficult, if your into walking it is totally walkable, but you would most likely need a whole day to get around and see everything by foot. Gulf carts are the vehicle of choice by most inhabitants and are available for rent as soon as you arrive on the island. For the most part the roads are the size of walking paths or cart paths at a gulf course, however we did see a couple of cars or small pickup trucks on occasion. As for the bikes, we didn't see a ton of people, other than kids, riding them but they do have thrum strewn about all over the island. 

Our workshop spent 2.5 days on the island, which allowed us the ability to capture both sunsets as well as sunrises. Being an island makes it perfect to capture the amazing sunlight as it goes down on one side and comes up on the other. 

For the majority of my shots I used a combination of both Fuji and Olympus cameras with my entire collection of lenses. I also had my little Nikon V1 for shots from the ferry trip and around the dock on our final day. 

I captured between 2-3k worth of photos and for this reason I will most likely break these up into a couple of different posts. For this first set my focus is on the sunrises and sunsets on the island. These times of the day proved to be amazing and allowed me to explore various long exposure techniques.

For more on Tangier Island check out their Google+ page as well as their main website and for another source check out, the Tangier Island Guide site.