Bermuda is a magical little place way out in the Atlantic ocean. It really seems out of place when you consider where it is located in relation to other Caribbean islands and the United States.

This was a trip to getaway with my two boys via a Norwegian Cruise out of Manhattan. It wasn't necessarily going to be a photography trip but more of a traditional family vacation. 

The total length of the cruise was 7 days and 3 of those were spent in Bermuda. To me the beauty of this type of cruise is the fact that it stays at one destination, it doesn't bounce around from island to island, so consequently there is more time to explore a given location. Our ship acted as our hotel when docked and passengers could come and go as they pleased.  

As the sun rose and we began our descent into the Royal Navy port where the ship would be docked, the water began to display its amazing blue colors.  

Arrival in Bermuda at the Royal Navy Yard

The first day on the island, my boys and I ventured over to the capital, Hamilton. Hiking around through the streets is a great way to see the sites. The weather was just perfect and the day was pretty hot. After spending some time roaming the streets, we ventured to probably one of the most popular beach attractions, horseshoe cove. I have to say the water is some of the prettiest I have ever seen anywhere in the world.