Blue Ridge Mountains

Now that school is finely out I decided to take the opportunity to bond with my youngest son by going on a photography adventure workshop in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Over the past couple of years I have attended several different workshops that have mostly taken me to places in Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia. Neither of my sons have ever participated with me and typically aren't interested in the amount of time I devote to taking pictures when I journey out. This was the first time that decided to take (semi-force) one of them to go and my youngest seems have the most interest in photography so he was chosen.

I have always wanted to go explore the Blue Ridge Mountain areas of North Carolina and when I met Rob Knight of Rob Knight Photography during a photo event in Manassas VA, I learned he provided a workshop devoted to just that location.

For the east coast the Blue Ridge Mountains offer some amazing views, and if I am not mistaken I am pretty sure North Carolina has more waterfalls then any other state in the US. The stretch of road that makes up the Blue Ridge Parkway is some of the most scenic and in the location we spent most of our time in, it didn't disappoint.

One of the first locations we stopped at was the famous stretch of road that is elevated above the mountain side with what is called the Viaduct. This portion of road is probably one of the most famous pieces and you can see many photos taken here. Since this workshop was in late June the green color was plentiful which added a certain level of vibrance you don't always see.

From day one we continued to go to spots that had plenty of photographic opportunities just waiting for us to capture. From the early morning sunrises to the late evening sunsets, every day was full of moments and views that just had to be captured.

The days were long but my son hung in there, I could tell he was getting bored at different times throughout the days and to be honest I don't think he has every spent that much time outdoors. By the end of our weekend I could tell he had enough and was ready to go home, but I am thankful I had the opportunity to take him and hopefully he will want to do it again.

Check out the gallery below for some of my favorite shots from the trip.