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Keeping the community engaged!



How can a company ensure their constituents stay informed and participating in the ongoing initiatives throughout the year? This was the question that was asked of us during our engagement with AAO - American Association of Orthodontists.

Working closely with client stakeholders we devised a multi-faceted solution that combined a SaaS software model to deliver an enhanced membership experience that spanned multiple web properties and various mobile platforms.

Primarily targeted as a browser based web application and a dedicated tablet app, we created several key pieces of functionality that extended AAO's reach and engagement opportunities beyond their existing infrastructures.

My Role
Product strategy, UX & UI design, creative direction and product sales

Design Goals

  1. Provide the right functionality at the right time

  2. Allow members to discover others easily and effectively

  3. Create an engaging, easy-to-use design that kept members coming back time and time again

UX Challenges

  • Getting members to use a private community versus relying on Facebook or some other global social media platform

  • Providing a robust engagement platform that could grow and scale as AAO grew their membership

  • Providing a system for personalized notifications and member alerting when important content became available


Architecting a flexible framework


It was important to make sure we architected a system that would aggregate valuable content across AAO’s properties to minimize upkeep and management time. The team knew that in order for this project to be successful we had to design a system that could tie-in seamlessly with AAO’s existing infrastructure.

The solution was to leverage a centralized content management system that would allow AAO to publish once and have content be accessible everywhere across a variety of platforms.


The platform was architected using four key distribution areas: public facing website, private member community, personalized member tablet application, and the personalized member mobile application.


Early sketch concepts


Wire frames & prototyping


axure was used to create a fully interactive prototype
to test with target audience members.


Visual designs & overall styling


Finished product