Design Work

Here is my previous design work examples that I gathered all on a single page. The site now has dedicated pages for various examples, use the UX Design navigation above


Information Architecture

Information Architecture has always played a roll in my design work and has included everything from organizational design, to the creation of interactive wire frames. My IA work has often times required different types of communication mechanisms to help explain the desired interaction requirements. These typically are flow charts to describe a desired workflow, journey maps to communicate audience touch points, personas to describe target audience characteristics and behaviors, organizational maps to communicate infrastructure details and relationships, and ultimately wire frames to communicate screen-level interaction details. 

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Digital Strategy

Often times IA work goes well beyond creating an organizational structure for a product or site. Occasionally an entire digital strategy needs to be defined, designed, and communicated.


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Digital Echo-system Strategy

In this example the need was to create materials that communicate how an effective digital strategy can be established to help an organization improve the overall customer experience with their products and services. The above diagram represents details on all the intricate pieces within the entire digital ecosystem.


Workflow Design

This example represents a design artifact to communicate a potential content distribution workflow. 

Social Media Behavior Examples

The following example represents another design artifact that visually communicates how content can leverage social media to further benefit customers.


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Content Strategy

As an architect within the digital space, often times the challenge is how to make content more powerful and engaging. This example represents a visual artifact that was created to communicate how to leverage valuable textual based content and create easily digestible and engaging snippets.


Mobile Interface Design

Mobile access has impacted everything. Today's applications have to be streamlined to function quickly and efficiently on all types of devices. Below are some examples of different types of mobile interface designs I have created over the years.


Web Application Design

Web applications come in many different shapes and sizes, from simple data capturing forms to large complex enterprise systems. The examples below represent a few of the various projects I have had the privilege of working on.