The Connected

2018 - Atlanta, GA | UI/UX | IA | Illustration | Visual Design


Product Management. Engineering, UX & Research

My Role
Lead Product Designer, UX Architect

Create the next generation of consumer telematics experience

Delivering insights a mile at a time!

The connected vehicle experience consists of a combination of hardware and software application. The core feature set revolves around vehicle diagnostics and being able to capture data directly from the vehicle via the included hardware component (think FitBit for your car or truck).

The goal of the project was to create the next generation of connected vehicle experience that would provide robust scalability and increased growth opportunities as we position the platform in new ways.

The key challenges the team was faced with were:

  • Delivering ongoing content updates, notifications, and important alerts

  • Hierarchy of information and seamless access to it

  • Story telling, ensuring the user understands what the application is capable of or the core value proposition


Needs Analysis


In order to ensure we are establishing the right value proposition, it is important to understand the needs of the target users. In communicating user needs we leverage persona’s, like the example below. These materials provide an archetypal view of a target user.





Some text to help guide the case-study. This is to help give the reader some details of the process used and the details captured during the project.


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