Whether it’s presentation materials for sales, real-estate, educational, or just for fun, Port can capture it, showcase it and manage it!



Port was a product concept born out of the need to deliver different types of materials quickly, and efficiently.

While working at Saforian every project we had seemed to require similar communication pieces in order to  fulfill the clients obligation and overall project requirements. However, there wasn't an easy way to collect, present, distribute and manage diverse communication materials. We were using a combination of many different software products and file formats. Often times these files would be duplicated across team members email systems. 

Out of this frustration and a client project opportunity that was calling for a method to do most of the things we were wanting to do, we established Port.

My Role
Strategic product direction, branding, user research, product design, prototype development, and user validation


Saforian, Inc.

Design Goals

  1. Create a different way to communicate and distribute different types of media within a cohesive easy-to-use collective

  2. Make it accessible across a multitude of platforms

  3. Keep it simple while also being highly scalable


The project started with quick sketches to understand how we could potentially structure the application and visualize possible interactions


Wireframes were used to help further define the functionality requirements and content hierarchies


Ensuring flexibility


In order to ensure we created a system that could scale and provide the right amount of flexibility we performed several qualitative exercises to determine the key file formats our target customers would expect to work with.

The materials you see here are presentation pieces I created in order to demonstrate that flexibility we incorporated within.


Support for a multitude of platforms


Beyond just creating and developing a full-featured mobile based application we also designed a full web-based solution that could be used within the browser. The web interface was extended to support more advanced administration capabilities. The desire was to build out robust creation, sharing and filtering tools via the web first and then migrate key components to individual platforms as needed.


Establishing a visual design style


Our primary platform target was the tablet interface where we went through several iterations establishing an overall visual style.