Vehicle Telematics

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I have had the opportunity to work across all of Verizon Connect’s industries designing connected user experiences. These include: fleet management solutions, fleet and consumer smartphone apps, wearable safety apps and desktop web-based enterprise solutions.


Capturing Insight


After understanding all of the potential pieces of insight the eco-system can potentially capture we start to look at ways


Insight Framework


From here we defined an insight framework that has become the key principles we design towards. The insight framework allows us to understand the users needs which we then map to our key principles: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive.


Connected Fleet Solution


Fleet Management solutions need to provide the business with direct insight into how well their fleet is performing in real-time. In todays digital world we have more opportunities to streamline how we deliver insight and value to our customers. From the back-office to the driver, our user experiences need to be as easy-to-use as possible in order for our customers to achieve success.


Widgets & More


In order to ensure the overall application eco-system can scale we designed widgets and components that provide key functionality that could be plugged in via feature options.

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Safety Score

Informing fleet managers details around driver behaviors


Here are some various examples of data visualization designs I created to help communicate various insight within our dashboard views.


Mobile Solutions


Mobile Driver Solutions provide quick and efficient access to key pieces of information and feature sets. These examples demonstrate a mobile-based fuel payment solution that leverages Blockchain for enhanced security. Our team received a patent for the work on this solution.