Bringing vehicle based telematics to life



Hum by Verizon is the consumer telematics platform that reaches millions of users. My role is leading UX strategy and product innovation defining user experience opportunities beyond the current product lines.

Working closely with other UX team members, cross functional teams and the larger product group, my job is to research, synthesize, create, and validate UX designs that push the Hum platform into the future.

The examples shown below are conceptual designs and various communication pieces used to help push some of our product ideas forward and how we might provide our customers user experiences with our digital products.

My Role
UX Strategist, Lead Product Designer


Verizon Connect

Design Goals

  1. Create a consumer experience that fosters engagement throughout

  2. Simplify the complex world of IoT while bringing delight to users

  3. Design for scale

  4. Give consumers powerful insight in the form of valuable chunks that allow them to make informed decisions


Early sketches to ideate on various concepts

Early ideas for vehicle profile pieces

High-level wire frames created from early sketches

High-level wire frames allow us to quickly think about user interaction flows and how the overall experience will need to accommodate our design decisions

Detailed design documentation outlining desired interaction requirements and experience details

Activity Feed Categories MVP List.png

Screen flows & prototypes used to show interaction requirements


Data-visualization is a huge part of delivering valuable insights to our customers


Extensive use of mapping technologies to provide pin-point accurate location tracking capabilities


Extending access with support for multiple devices