Active Safety Service Platform


Back Story


As we begin moving towards autonomous vehicles, we are seeing an increase in the desire for technology to provide supplementary support with in-vehicle safety related capabilities. In the automotive telematics space, we are continually looking at ways in which we can leverage technology to improve drivers safety as well as the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists alike.

This project was unique in the fact that it wasn’t a single product or feature set, but more of a full service solution. The organizations goal was to define a holistic set of safety related capabilities that could be accessed via an API layer.

Key Objective Define a broad product vision surrounding vulnerable road users and the role technology could play in supporting the core use-cases that the 5GAA working group has established for the automotive industry.
My Role Lead UX strategist and product designer
Responsibilities Led all design activities including, visual, auditory and haptic pattern definition. In conjunction, I also provided the UX strategy to drive product scalability across modalities as well as defining the creative direction for broader story telling to help build consensus amongst stakeholders and team members.

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