Drivers Aid - Active Safety Headphone

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Back Story


Distracted Driving...

Within the automotive space, we are always dealing with some form of distraction. I have worked across multiple safety related telematics projects and with this project my goal was to create a device that could ease the possible distractions for a driver.

My Role Inventor, Lead Product Designer, UX Lead
Responsibilities I was the lead author on the patent application and lead the entire design exercises from concept to complition.
Key Objective My goal with this project was to establish additional hardware devices that could be used to lesson possible distractions during the act of driving.

Voice Enabled

Creating the ability to leverage digital assistant technologies such as Google Voice, or Alexa, the system…


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The Need


How often have you experienced the need to hear turn-by-turn directions or some other form of information while traveling in a vehicle with ambient noise occupying the cabin?

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