My Design Philosophy

  • I believe great products solve for use cases you haven’t even considered;

  • I engage with real users to understand their perspectives and needs. I work closely with stakeholders defining requirements that provide real value for the business and customers;

  • I believe collaboration creates better opportunities to deliver great products;

  • I believe products can always be improved and leverage lean UX principles to guide prioritization of ongoing updates resulting in the biggest impacts;

  • I believe you can’t anticipate every need, however, you can create products that scale effectively to provide moments of serendipity and offer opportunities for customers to surprise you


My Design Process

Learn about my design process.

About Me


Hello, my name is Greg Bosque, and I am a product design leader living in Atlanta GA. I am currently working at Verizon Connect, leading UX strategy and product innovation across the connected automotive space. My role includes managing a team of designers as we research user needs, facilitate concept design workshops, create high-level UX design, gorgeous visual interface design, stakeholder alignment efforts, and end-to-end user validation.

Throughout my design career, I have had the opportunity to work with many different companies, collaborate with diverse people of varying skill levels while working on many challenging and unique projects. My experience has provided me with such creative enjoyment that I can't imagine doing anything else.

I get inspired when I have the opportunity to uncover human needs and translate those needs into tangible working solutions that are easy-to-use and provide real results that can change peoples lives.

My biggest strength is leading teams to define all the intricate pieces that make up a successful product experience and communicating that vision in ways that give everyone involved a complete holistic understanding. I am always thinking beyond the surface layer of a given challenge and am able to quickly formulate ideas that provide concrete solutions. These solutions not only meet the interactive requirements, but they also allow for scalability and future growth.

Technological advancements from the invention of the web and today's smartphones, to the autonomous cars of tomorrow, there will always be an endless need to improve how we interact with that technology. This is where you will find me doing what I enjoy the most, creating these futures!



Greg Bosque
Design thinker, creator and father of two